Friday, January 7, 2011

Operation Binks Removal: Night 1

Well, folks, this is it.  We have decided that 18 months is long enough for Greyson to hang on to his pacifier (or lovingly referred to in our house as "Binks.")  You have to understand how insanely addicted he is.  Its a bit ridiculous.  Binks is only for bedtime and naptime, but he still can't live without it at those times.  Anyway, since we are done with family visits for awhile, we deemed this weekend to be THE ONE.  So tonight, we snipped the tips of of his binks' so when he sucks on them all he gets is a mouthful of air.  Yeah, we know, we're super mean.  Here's how the night went:

7:25:  Bedtime routine.  We read a book in his rocker.  He always gets binks during the book reading, so tonight was no different.  He put it in his mouth, promptly removed it, and studied it, confused.  "Uh oh!" he said and continued to study it with a worried look.  "Looks like Binks is broken.  Oh well," I responded.  We read the book and gave kisses and hugs.

7:30: Laid in his crib with blanket, seahorse, and broken binks.  He realized that he wasn't getting a real binks.  Thats when the screams began.  And I mean SCREAMING.  We left.

7:45: Still SCREAMING.  Dan went in to try and help.  Immediate quiet.  He pointed to all the items he had thrown out of his crib.  Dan picked up blanket, seahorse, and binks.  Reality set in.  More SCREAMING.

8:00: Still SCREAMING.  This time I went in to see what I could do.  Immediate quiet.  I picked up Greyson, his blanket, and turned on seahorse.  I tried rocking him.  He would have none of that.  He wanted to pick up binks too.  So we did.  **this is the best part** He didn't try to put binks in his mouth.  He just held it in his hand against his chest while we rocked.  Like a pet that had died or something.  And we rocked to sleep.

8:10: Asleep.

Not too bad for the first night.  We are hoping that it only takes a few nights of screaming before he can sleep without it.  We will see.  I'll keep you updated.  :)


  1. This is awesome! I'm so sorry that his pet binks died but it sounds like you guys did a great job for the first night. Keep it up! :)

  2. Just read this to Mike, and we are laughing our heads off! Thanks so much for documenting this night!!