Tuesday, March 23, 2010

8 months??!

Also last week, on St Patrick's Day, Greyson turned 8 months.  I CANNOT believe it.   Its insane.  He is so big now and I can see the little boy coming out in him more and more every day.  Only 4 short months until he is 1 year, and I am not ready for that!!  Right now, I'm pretty sure he weighs about 22 lbs or so.  He eats everything he can get his hands on...pears, oranges, crackers, dog hair, rocks.  You know, whatever.  He loves peek-a-boo and being tickled.  He LOVES his daddy.  Greyson can say mama, dada, baba, and gaga.  And we're pretty sure he knows what he's saying.  PRETTY sure.  No crawling yet, but he rocks back and forth a lot and really tries to reach as far as he can before face-planting.  He is very cautious and doesn't seem to want to mess up, so I think he doesn't like the idea of taking the crawling risk (nothing like his parents, I know).  Anyway, he'll get it when he's ready.  Which will probably be before I'm ready.  Here is a fun shot of his personality, taking it all in at the ocean in CA.  We love you buddy :)



For spring break last week, Greyson and I made the trek to CA to visit my family.  It was such a great time and I KNOW they loved seeing the boy :)  We saw all the extended family, I had a photo session, we went to the mall (stay tuned to see Greyson's Easter outfit from H&M), and made it to Monterey for the day.  It was a jam-packed 5 days, but it was well worth it.  Greyson did awesome, taking it all in even without several much-needed naps.  Here are some fun family pics, for pretty ocean shots, head over to my Photography Blog.
Greyson and Grandpa...

and Grandma...

and Great-Grandma Hunter...

and eating breakfast with Aunt Amy

Taking a bath in the sink...

Being silly...

Our day in Monterey.  This is at the Wharf.

And at the beach...Greyson wasn't too interested.  :)

These cutie pies belong to my best friend all growing up, Lindsey.  She and I have been buds since kindergarten and so its pretty cool to now have pics of our kids together.  This is Cadence and Ansel posing with Greyson.  Can you tell it was St Patty's day?  Too cute!  :)

Thanks for such a great week!!  It was a blast!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cutie Pics

Not much new around here...hence the lack of blog updates.  But, here are some cute shots from this week.  :)  Happy Sunday!