Thursday, August 11, 2011


So, lately, we have been finding more and more scorpions in (yes IN) our house.  I don't know if its the weather, new construction in our area, or just that all the scorpions like our house, but its getting really old. So, they bug guy has been scheduled to come tomorrow afternoon.

THEN, last night just before 10pm, we heard Greyson wake up screaming.  That's not abnormal, because sometimes he has bad dreams and wakes up crying.  So, I went in there and he was rolling on his bed grabbing his neck and screaming.  I picked him up to comfort him and something that felt like a stick fell on my hand.  Then said "stick" stung my thumb.  And I immediately knew what it was.  "Turn on the light!!!  Scorpion!!!"  I screamed to Dan as I jumped off Greyson's bed and waved my hand in the air.  The light went on, scorpion flew on the floor, and Dan crushed it all in one big motion.  Praise God he was home, because it was his late night and had just gotten home at about 9.

Anyway, so poor Greyson is still screaming about his neck sting, and I'm in pain and freaking out about BOTH my babies at one time.  I frantically called my dear friend Cindy thinking that between her Google skills and his AZ experience she or Mike had to know what to do.  Hey, at least I didn't call 911!  Sweet Mike calmly said to take Greyson to the ER.  So, I threw some pj's on him and Dan loaded him up.  We were checking in less than 10 min later (thank goodness we live so close to the hospital!).  They got us right back to see the Dr and were so calm and sweet to us.  Greyson was screaming his brains out because he was so scared of the Dr's and nurses and all their gadgets.  Hey, if you were woken in the middle of the night by an intense pain and then rushed to the hospital just to be poked, prodded, and have medicine forced down your throat, you might scream your brains out too.  Then they made us stick around for 2 hours or so because they said that the toxin takes about 2 hours to really take effect if it was going to.  We were to watch for uncontrolled muscle movements, tongue twitches, excess saliva, and his eyes rolling around in his head.  Praise Jesus, because none of that ever happened.  If it had, I don't think I could have handled seeing my sweet boy go through that.  Ugh.  Once we were hanging out in an ER room, Greyson was having a great time playing with the TV, the remote, and our phones.  Of course. And I was fine too.  The Dr said that if I didn't have any symptoms that Sawyer would be fine too.

At a little after midnight we got the ok to head back home.  Greyson was more than ready to climb right back in his bed and go to sleep.  I think I was less ready than he was!  He woke up at a wonderful 8:15 this morning, ready to go for the day.  Like nothing ever happened.  Thank you, Lord, for protecting our sweet boys.  It was definitely a little miracle.

Moral:  the bug guy is spraying extra tomorrow, both inside and outside.  For FREE!