Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Baby is 2!!

This is a picture of Greyson when he was about 7 weeks old.  Can you believe it??  On Sunday our baby turned 2!  Its insane.  We have a 2-year-old.  Its incredible how much he's grown and changed and turned our world upside down.  I never knew my life could be so emotional, exhausting, fulfilling, and fun since he came into it.  Here's another shot of him at about 7 weeks, and this was definitely prophetic of things to come!

Oh, my tiny little boy, how you've grown!  This was Greyson around the time of his birthday last year.  He wasn't even walking yet!

So, here's a bit about what he can do and where he's at.  We haven't had his 2 year check-up yet so I'm not super sure on height and weight and all that.  I think he weighs about 28-29 lbs or so.  He wears a size 2T.

Talking:  He's surprising us with new words every day!  I would guesstimate that he can say at least 200 words and can comprehend hundreds more.  He is starting to put 2- and 3-word sentences together.  Today he said "butterfly."  I didn't even know he knew that word.  He is doing so great!  He sings songs, and likes Old MacDonald, Wheels on the Bus, and If You're Happy and You Know It.

Playing:  Greyson can throw, kick, and (sometimes) hit a ball.  He runs, climbs, "jumps" on the bed, and loves falling off the backs of the couches.  He is getting into pretend play, and loves cooking his food (and cars and balls) in his play microwave, driving cars and trains anywhere he can, playing outside, etc.  

Tech:  It makes me laugh that I'm even putting this as a category, but Greyson totally needs it!  He can completely navigate through both of our iPhones all by himself and knows which games he likes to play, how to play them, and how to switch what he's doing.  I don't worry about him calling China anymore because he knows what he can and can't do on there.  He can also figure out his way around the computer pretty well.  He knows how to move the mouse on the laptop and click on things he wants.  He can click a movie he wants to watch, make it go full-screen, and press play.  He also loves Dan's Xbox.  He knows which games he likes, how to take them out of their cases, replace the previous game to its correct case, put the disc in the Xbox, close it, switch inputs on the monitor screen so he can see the game, and even use some basic controls on the controller.  Yikes!!  

Favorite Phrases: "Ready, Set, GO!" "Me oh my" "Chachacha Beep Beep!" (train sounds)

Favorite Toys:  race cars, trains, Mr Potato Head, balls, outside car, Mater, Buzz

Favorite Movies: Cars, Toy Story (1, 2, & 3), Baby Einstein

Favorite Books: Punk Farm & Punk Farm on Tour, Old Hat New Hat, Count Worm

Favorite Activities:  swimming, playing with Java, playing with cars, playing xbox with Daddy, riding in the car

Favorite Foods:  cheese, strawberries, tacos, pizza, fruit snacks

I think that might sum up the life of our 2-year-old!  He is quite the busy boy and I can't wait to see what this year brings him!  Here are some pics of how we celebrated his special day.

Greyson is so blessed to have such involved family, even though everyone lives so far away.  All four of his grandparents were here for his birthday, and he had such a blast!  We took him to see Cars 2 in the theater and he did really well!  He loved the movie and seemed to have a great time.  Then he got to open presents, eat cake and homemade ice cream, and play with all his new toys!  What a great day!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

San Diego Trip

A lot has happened in the last week and a half!  We went to San Diego with my parents, celebrated our 7th anniversary, have been hosting my parents and Dan's parents, celebrated Greyson's 2nd birthday (wow!), and have just been having an all-around good time.  This post is about our trip to San Diego, and I will post more soon.

Last Wednesday (the 6th) we headed out to San Diego in the evening to spend some time as a family.  We met my parents there and then all headed to the zoo on Thursday.  That was awesome.  Neither of us had ever been there, so we had a blast.  Greyson loved seeing all the animals too, especially the elephants, which were definitely his favorite.  I was able to borrow an awesome zoom lens (thanks, Uncle Gary!) and so got some awesome shots of the animals.  So, be prepared for an overload of cool animal shots, haha.  On Friday, my parents headed to Gilbert with Greyson and we stayed another night without them.  That was even MORE awesome!!  Our anniversary was Sunday the 10th, so we decided we needed a little R&R before we add another member to our family in a few months.  So Friday we went to an antique mall by the beach, ate at a seafood bar, drove around and up to La Jolla, relaxed on the beach and played in the waves in La Jolla, watched the sunset, and had an awesome dinner overlooking the water.  Then on Saturday we hung out at Seaport Village for a bit before heading back to reality.  The weather was perfect and we just had a great time.  Here are some a lot of pictures from our little mini-vacation!

Greyson was playing with his food and started smashing yogurt chips on his nose :)
notice a resemblance???

After the zoo we headed to the beach on Coronado Island to give Greyson a little taste of the water.  He wasn't too thrilled about the icy waves, but did love throwing shells and rocks, and running after the seagulls.  :)

Couldn't leave Sawyer out of the photos!!

Our attempt at a family beach pic

We (surprisingly) didn't take any while at the beach on Friday, probably because we were covered in sand.  These are from Friday night watching the sunset in La Jolla.  So breathtaking.

And one last shot from Saturday in Seaport Village.

We had such a great time!!  Thanks so much, mom and dad, for taking care of The Boy while we had some time off, and for joining us at the zoo!  And, thank you, my sweet Dan, for being willing to take a day off work and drive lots of hours to spend these days with us.  These past 7 years have been full of so many ups and downs, but I can't imaging having gone through them with anyone else but you.  I love you and look forward to many more!