Saturday, August 21, 2010

$#!* My Kid Ruined

So there is this blog called $#!* My Kid Ruined...except you have to actually type the bad word into the url.   Don't go there if you are easily offended, they do seem to have potty mouths, but it it hilarious.  :)  Anyway, we just spent the last two hours creating material for that blog right here at our house.  We were cleaning out the cupboards in the front room to finally make them functional, and one of them had all the used paint cans half full of paint.  You can see where this is going...  One can was red paint we had used for the stitches in Greyson's baseball room.  All of a sudden, I turned around and Greyson was playing in a giant puddle of red paint!  It was EVERYWHERE.  Not to mention a giant pool of it splashing on our light grey carpet.  I screamed for Dan and he ran out there and saw all the red and thought Greyson was about to die from blood loss.  He would have too, if Dan hadn't taken him from me, because I was so freaking mad!  I wish we would have paused long enough to snap a picture, but we were running around like crazy trying to get all the paint sopped up.  I then called Stanley Steamer's emergency line and they came out pretty quick and got most of it out.  But, sadly, there is still a little pink tinge to the corner of our room. $96 later we join the ranks of parents who can say they have $#!* their kid ruined.  :/

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ba Ba, Na Na And Other Misc Stuff

Greyson has been getting pretty verbal over the last week or so, and is getting much better at his manners.  :)  He has two very specific "words" that he uses almost constantly.  "Ba" is Greyson's word for drink, it is leftover from when we were trying to teach him to say "bottle."  A week or two ago, I was trying to teach him to say "banana," but it came out like "na" instead.  So, now he says "na" for any food he wants.  So, first thing out of bed in the morning he is signing "please" and saying "ba, na, ba, na, na..."  It sounds like "banana" but really he just wants food and milk.  And it continues all day.  He has been a hungry boy lately!  Or, at least he knows he is saying something that is meaningful, so he keeps saying it.  Either way, it works.  But, he knows he gets nothing until he signs please, so he always just keeps rubbing his chest while he is saying "ba, na."  It cracks me up, but at least he is learning his manners!

Also, he is revealing more of his OCD side.  Ok, not really, but he is pretty anal!  If you know my husband, this comes as no surprise.  :)  He is very particular about getting all bits of food off his high chair when he is done eating, or knocking over all stacks of blocks that he did not stack himself.  He is constantly opening and closing everything, including lids, doors, books, drawers.  He doesn't like to be near a door that is open, and will immediately close it if he can.  He eats his food in groups.  Like, all the tomatoes, then all the cheese, etc.  Silly boy!

Ok one more thing.  He is becoming really good at following simple directions.  This may all be lame and normal for me to write about, but I've never had a kid before, so I don't know when these things start happening.  Anyway, I can tell him, "Greyson, take your binks out of your mouth and put it in your bed.  Binks is for bedtime."  And he will do it.  Or, "Greyson, can you give that block to mommy?"  And he gives it to me.  Or, "Greyson, go get your drink and give it to Daddy."  Yep, can do that too.  He also loves the dog, and any other dog he sees.  So, he has this book with tons of animals in it (thanks, Aunt Amy!).  One of the pages has this huge photo of a dog.  He turns to that page and I say, "Where's the dog?"  And he points to it.  He can find the dog on other pages too.  Cool right?  Tonight we were working on the cat and duck, too, but he is really partial to the dog.  Maybe he needs a trip to the zoo or farm or someplace where he can experience other animals.  :)  Ugh...when it cools off.

Yesterday we had a mommy-Greyson date to the mall and splash pad.  It was his first trip to the splash pad because I wanted to wait til he was at least walking a little bit.  Definitely fun!  He LOVED it.  It took him a minute to warm up to the idea, but once he understood what the other kids were doing, he got right in there and had a blast.  I have photos, but I am editing a senior shoot right now, so when that's done I will post some of him.

Ok, I think that's all for tonight.  Tomorrow is Friday of the 2nd week back to school/crazy schedule/adapting to both being home.  Thanks for checking in!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Funny Dinner + Backyard Splash Pad

Not sure why, but dinner was super funny last night.  Greyson was cracking me up.  I was so relieved, because he loved his minestrone soup (even all the veggies!) and kept asking for more.  :)


Then, after dinner we briefly talked about heading over to the mall for the splash pad, but weren't sure how late they kept it running.  So, we went outside and made use of the hose and an ice chest and created our own impromptu splash pad!  Greyson loved it!

This one's a little blurry but it makes me laugh out loud!

Hey ladies!

Happy weekend everyone!

Greyson's "Walking!"

Well, Greyson is taking some steps now!  It's been a fun week, but I will let the video do the talking.  I asked Dan if I could just have raw video straight from the camera and onto my blog, no crazy editing business.  This is what I got.  I guess he just can't help himself. :)

201008 - Greyson Walking from Daniel DeZago on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

C'mon, God, Why Won't You Fit in This Cute Little Box I've Made For You?

Sorry in advance for the long-winded post, just a lot on my heart lately!

The past few weeks have been faith-stretching.  Big time.  I'm not sure I like faith-stretching times (just being honest, folks).  But I do know its worth it in the end.  Big time.  Most of you know that Dan was laid off about a month ago.  This is the third job in three years he's been laid off from.  Talk about a kick in the gut.  If you don't know my husband, you don't know that he is the smartest, most technologically talented person I know.  And he is great at puzzles.  Like, figuring out solutions to tough problems (although he is good at the piece-together puzzles also :) )  Anyway, if you do know him, you already know all that.  So, its been SUPER frustrating for the last several years to watch him try so hard and never catch a break.

Over the past 6-8 months or so, we've had countless conversations about what he wants to do.  Let's be honest, running a telemarketing room is not a life commitment.  Obviously.  And I think he came to the conclusion that he wants to help organizations succeed.  And he wants to serve Jesus by doing that.  He wants to help organizations that serve Jesus be successful.  Flash forward to last week.  He was offered a job with a collections company working on the phone.  For a whopping $9.50 an hour.  Yikes.  And he was pursuing a great lead with the University of Phoenix, but they've been seriously dragging their feet.  So, it seems his options were, yet again, to settle for a crap job so we can pay the bills.  And look forward to being in this same spot yet again in however many months.

See, God will provide what we need to survive.  He's given us what it takes to pay our bills and to barely keep our heads above water.  But, is that what living life with Jesus is about?  Just keeping our heads above water?  Just living a life that is barely good enough?  We've both been reflecting on this thought and God seems to be using Dan's job situation to prove to us that living life with Jesus is about trusting when it doesn't seem logical, obeying when you can't see the end, and reaping the unbelievable rewards of a sold-out faith in Him.  See, God can give us a job we need to get by.  But, if we wait and trust and wait some more, I believe he will give us "immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine."

Dan was supposed to start that collections job on Monday (like 3 days ago).  Sunday night we went for a walk (yay cooler weather!) and had a long talk.  He was totally convinced that he wasn't supposed to take that job.  And I knew it too, because he had been a total crank all weekend, which only happens when something is really bothering him.  :)  He said, "What if God's been trying to get us to take this leap of faith for three years, and we have been so blinded by what we need RIGHT NOW that we haven't given Him the chance to give us something better?  What if I was supposed to do this three years ago?"  So, I relented, and this week has been awesome.

Every day since Sunday, Dan has received a paycheck of some kind for video work he's been doing.  He's also been landing new jobs and has been working his butt off.  Which, equals more checks in the mail.  It also equals more jobs coming in.  So, for now, we are treading lightly and believing that God has a plan that is bigger than our own.  If you think of it, please pray for us.  Please pray that we will keep being faithful and obedient.  That we will be wise with the money we are given, and that whatever God has planned for us will be revealed in His timing.

Now, Greyson is screaming, so I need to go be obedient to the plan God has for me TODAY.  :)  Thanks for listening!