Monday, April 26, 2010

Greyson Crawling

Here is the video Dan made of the little monkey.  Yes, I know it has a crazy intro graphic.  Dan just can't help himself.  :)

Greyson Crawling from Daniel DeZago on Vimeo.

PS - It is 8:39 am and Greyson is still sleeping!!! That is 2 hrs and counting past his normal wake-up time! (Yes, he's still breathing :))

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm A Big Boy Now

Well Greyson's had a big couple of weeks.  Its amazing how fast things change.  His development has skyrocketed recently, and we can hardly keep up!  Here is a look at what he's been up to:

This is what I walked in on one day after a nap...time to lower the mattress!!

Much better!

This is breakfast with daddy last week...

And this is him playing in the new pool floatie toy he got.  :)

In other, more major news, Greyson started crawling tonight!  Dan is working on the video and when its done, I will post it.  But, it was hilarious.  We opened up the laptop to video chat with Amy, and he just started crawling toward it!  It was like he'd known how to all along, but was just waiting for the computer to come out to give him enough reason to put forth the effort!  The little stinker :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Neglectful Mom

Well, I guess I have to take it into my own hands to actually post to this blog, since I am almost 9 months now and my mom's last post was from when I turned 8 months.  Jeez.  So much has happened since then, and she has neglected to share.  I mean, I guess its not that important to her that I can totally scoot around the room on my butt now, AND army crawl backwards.  Since that didn't seem to impress her, I've even started pulling myself up to a sit from laying down and up to a stand too!  I even freaked her out by standing up all by myself in my crib the other day after a nap, but still no blogging!  Plus, we even celebrated Easter and I learned all about Jesus dying for our sins and coming back alive again, AND I even wore the cutest outfit EVER, and still nothing.  Easter was awesome because my Grandpa and Grandma came to visit me and we had tons of fun all week!  They even brought me an Easter basket with a bubble gun, which I totally LOVE!  I've also been trying to impress my mom and dad by feeding myself with a spoon and eating all kinds of food just like they do.  But, they just get annoyed that I don't want to eat my mashed vegetables anymore.  After you've tried chicken, would YOU want to eat pureed green beans anymore??  I didn't think so.  Anyway, I just thought you all should know I'm pretty much a big boy now.

My mom says that she hasn't blogged in awhile because she's been super busy.  Which is true.  I guess.  She has had TONS of photo sessions lately.  And, her and dad have been working a ton on the new patio outside.  That's pretty cool because I get to go out there too, and sneak a rock in my mouth every once in awhile.  Mom usually goes crazy and gets it out, but there is definitely some bonus sand that always stays in my mouth no matter how hard she tries.  :)  Yum.  Alright, well, here are some cute shots of me being me lately.  And I promise to make my mom post more often.  Or else I will just get back on here again.  :)

My super cool Easter outfit...

Opening my baskets...

The yummy cupcakes mommy made...


See?  I told you I can eat all by myself!

Loving daddy's hat...

And the reason mommy's been pretty excited around here...
Thanks for reading!