Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 3rd and 5th of July!

Well Greyson had kind of an uneventful first fourth.  His third and fifth were great, though!  On Saturday (the 3rd) we went to the Diamondbacks game (for free!) and Greyson loved it.  He did so awesome all through the game and even stayed awake for the fireworks spectacular at the end.  Seriously, it was like 10:30 by the time it was all over (thanks to a horribly long game) and he still was clapping and pointing at the fireworks, which was super-fun.  On Sunday we went to church and just hung out, which was great.  Then, on Monday (the 5th) we had our small group peeps over for a fun bbq.  It was great to finally have other people using our backyard after all that work we put into in this spring!  I stole the photos from Cindy's blog because she (or Mike) actually took some.  I, the photographer, tend to forget to snap shots of the normal stuff you are supposed to take pictures of.  Anyway, here are some fun photos of last night :)

The amazing flying Braden King

Sweet little Brielle :)

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