Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Camping - Part 2

Alrighty, part 2.  If you haven't read "camping - part 1" scroll down and read that post first.  This is Saturday and Sunday...

On Saturday, we drove back up to Big Lake, this time with sunny weather and a Forest Service map in hand.  We trekked back on some dirt roads and found a 6-mile round trip trail that lead to a river at the bottom of a canyon.  It was a GREAT hike!  Such beautiful country and hardly anyone around!  Java especially had a great time.  And Greyson loved his pack.  Here he is getting a snack on the trail :)

On the way down to the bottom of the canyon...

Enjoying the water

So pretty, and so worth the climb

On Sunday we packed up camp and headed home.  It was time.  We were tired.  We were dirty.  But, it was such a great time.  Here are some shots we stopped on the side of the road to get.

Thanks for reading!  :)

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  1. Now I'm REALLY sad that we couldn't go!!!! What a fun trip it must have been. I've been anxious to see these pictures since the day you guys left! I knew that you'd capture the beauty and sweetness of your family time! Next time we're in for sure!