Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wrapping Up Christmas Part 1

We had a Christmas full of ups and downs!  Gearing up for the holiday was great.  Dan's work schedule was WAY lighter than expected, which, of course, put Greyson and I in much better moods and gave us the opportunity to have fun family time.  Here are some shots of Christmas cookie night.  :)

Here are the boys posing for Christmas gifts for our dads one morning.  Greyson earned a candy cane!

THEN, on the night of the 23rd, we were grocery shopping and Greyson fell out of the cart head-first onto the tile floor.  Ouch.  A couple of hours later, he started puking his guts up.  It was really bad.  At midnight, Dan took him to the ER in case he had a concussion.  Poor guy had a CAT scan and everything.  Turned out to be just an unfortunate coincidence and he just had a bug. 

 So, we spent Christmas Eve recovering.  We missed the service at church, and instead stayed home and did laundry. Not the Christmas Eve I had been hoping for.  Here was the one photo I did take:

Part 2, including Christmas morning and the day after with my family is coming soon.  We've been busy over the last few weeks!  

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  1. Sawyer is giving Greyson the "I'm gonna tell mom what you're doing" look. Trust me, I know ;)