Sunday, December 18, 2011


This is going to be our best Christmas yet, I just know it.  Regardless of where we go, who comes here, or whatever our plans end up being, I know we have reached the "fun" age for Christmas with Greyson.  He is loving everything about our Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Baby Jesus, our advent calendar, snowmen, making cookies, and, of course, the promise of presents.  I'm so excited to celebrate with him.  Here are some pictures of some of our Christmas celebrating so far.

Our advent calendar.  Every night Greyson picks the next number and inside the bag is a piece of candy and a mini ornament that he gets to hang on his own mini tree.  Some ornaments are nativity, some are pretty words, and some are snowflakes.  Greyson LOVES doing the "numbers" each night and asks all day to do another one.  :)

Decorating the tree.  He was totally into it this year. :)

What I found one day after 20 minutes of silence...

A couple nights ago we made Christmas cookies with frosting and sprinkles, but once I get all the sprinkles swept up I will have time to upload and edit those pics :)  Merry Christmas week!!

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