Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wow...Its Been Awhile!

I've definitely been on a blogging hiatus for the last month or so, and I'm sorry for the lack of updates!  Really, there hasn't been much to report.  The last few weeks have been busy, but with non-blog-worthy stuff.  Work and chasing Greyson are pretty much how we spend our days.  :)  I did have a birthday (27-ugh) which was definitely a good time.  We actually went out on a real date!  Then the next week we packed up and went to Ohio for 5 days for Mari's 60th birthday party.  It was definitely a great weekend, and so nice to be in cooler weather!

Dan's work is going better than we could have ever imagined.  Right now he is booked into November with solid work and solid income.  Praise Jesus!  Definitely an answer to prayer and so much fun.  Having him work from home is a HUGE adjustment for all of us, but we are getting more into a groove every day.

For my birthday I got myself a sewing machine, and I am so in love with it!  I spend waaay too much time surfing "crafty" blogs storing up ideas in my head of things I want to make.  So the last few days I have been spitting them out :)  I have created a little backpack for Greyson, a pillow from an old pair of sweatpants and a sweet hat for Greyson out of old t-shirts.  Thank you Goodwill 50% off days!  Also, this morning we went browsing at Stardust Building Supplies, our favorite place to find re-usable treasures and found components to make/refinish a jewelry "vanity" for me in our bedroom.  The word vanity sounds so formal, but I'm just creating a space for me to keep all my accessories and stuff because our bathroom is so lacking in storage.

Anyway, that's a basic update on our life right now.  I am getting ready for the busy photo season, so October is going to be a packed month.

Here are some fun shots of our Ohio trip.  There were a lot more, but these summed it up.  Enjoy and thanks for being patient!!

At Mari's party...

On Monday, I wanted to get some shots of the Boy in the fall leaves, so we went to this great park and walked around for awhile.  Ahhh I can't wait til AZ is like this in a couple months...

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  1. handsome boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so photogenic. can't wait to see all your sewing projects and vanity! you are too creative dear...