Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We just got back from a whirlwind trip to CA for a fun family visit, but until I upload and sift through those photos, I am posting this sweet girl's mug instead!

Since before birth, Greyson and Brielle have had a special relationship:  their parents have arranged (and have been planning) their inevitable marriage!  But, our hopes aside, these two are great buddies.  One day, a couple of weeks ago, we took advantage of a cool afternoon and played at the park!  We love you, Elle!

This is their Abercrombie-"I'm-way-too-awesome-to-smile" shot (hence the b/w)

Silly girl!

Also, just a brief update on The Boy.  He has been learning and growing so much lately!  He is talking almost constantly, and we are always trying to figure out what he's saying.  He can appropriately say mama, dada, dog, milk, duck, bath, ball, uh-oh and probably a couple others I'm forgetting right now.  He also says "na" for food, "ba" for drink, "da" for outside, and stands at the glass door calling "daaa da, daaaa da" which we interpret to mean "Java."  We are so proud of all the new things he is learning!


  1. For Pete's sake...these two are adorable! Brielle loves her Greyson so much, and not just because he has way more hair than she does!