Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Hubs & Fun Weekend!

So, before I post pics about our weekend, I have to make a shout out to Dan.  I forgot to post about this before, so its a little late in coming, but it definitely deserves its spot on the blog.  You see, recently our small group has switched things up a bit.  Every other week we decided to have "family night" where we meet in a park or someplace fun for dinner and hang out with the kiddos.  The other weeks, we meet in a home and have Bible study and there is a babysitting rotation.  Yep, us parents have agreed (sigh) to rotate watching all the kids.  This saves everyone $$ and the stress of bringing the little tykes along to Bible study nights.  Sooo, this past Monday was our turn in the rotation.  And might I say that really we had the first real turn.  Mike & Cindy got the first week, but Greyson was the only one that showed up.  (He was definitely happy about having some alone time with sweet Brielle haha).  Anyway, apparently all the other kids heard that Brielle got Greyson all to herself and they wanted a piece of the dude.  Because on our night, we had all SEVEN kids.  Yes, SEVEN.  Ages 4 and under.  Most of the time I was running around like a crazy person, but I did manage to snap this sweet shot of my husband tending to four of them.  I love that he is feeding Colbie with one hand and has someone's sippie in the other hand.  Sweet Caleb (in the green) wouldn't leave Dan's side all night.  And there is Cambry making sure her sis is ok.  Seriously people, it was a crazy night.  We made it out alive and now Christin and Drew are prepping for their turn.  Muahaha.  :)

Ok, on to our weekend.  Well, Friday and Saturday weren't actually all that awesome.  I mean, I had 3 shoots in two days, which was great, just super busy.  But, today we got to hang out and spend some time together as a family.  It was a fun day.  Greyson took TWO 2+ hour naps.  I joined him for one of them, since I seem to have come down with a cold.  Then, we went to Costco to buy the ginormous box of diapers and then got their cheap pizza for lunch.  Then we came home and hung out around the house and went swimming for a bit.  Greyson loves the pool.  It is finally warm enough to jump in without losing your breath.  :)  After swimming and a rinse-off shower, Greyson took another 2+ hour nap and Dan went to church, so I vegged out in front of the computer/TV.  Probably the first time I've done that in weeks.  Then once Dan came home we had dinner and then went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Greyson loves the swings.  And now he is asleep and I am blogging.  For fun.  I like fun blogging :)  So, that was our day.  Thanks for pretending to be interested. Haha.  Alrighty, here are some fun photos mostly of the boy:

These are from a couple of days ago...notice the "I'm causing mischief" face

And now apparently Greyson's new thing is to bite on objects and the crawl around like a puppy dog (see my last post).  Today it was a water bottle.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

And this is our swimming/back yard adventure from this afternoon.  He's sporting his new super cool skull swim outfit from Aunt Amy.  Thanks Amy!!

And, for some more laughs, check out this post our dear friend Cindy made that's all about Greyson & Brielle's budding relationship :)  I love it!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. I love all the pics! The one of Dan with all the kids is great! As far as the biting objects things, I guess it's pretty awesome when you finally have teeth and can hold things in your mouth. Just don't leave your cell phone lying around. Some little doggie could get it. :)

  2. I love the pictures of you guys in the pool! How much fun! I love how you can see every drop of water in the air!