Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Goofball

This is a snippit of Greyson's goofball side.  He cracks me up at least 10 times a day, so I thought I would share the joy.  :)  He has this baseball/bat set that was a Christmas gift from my sweet Aunt Susan and Uncle Gary (die-hard SF Giants fans!) and he LOVES the ball.  It is soft and squishy and just his size.  So, lately he has started sticking it in his mouth, biting down, and then just going about his business like nothing.  Like, crawling around with it in his mouth like a funny puppy dog.  What a goof!  Haha, enjoy :)

I know the color/lighting is off on this one, but I love that he is just chillin' looking around the corner like nothing is amiss.  :)  Silly boy.

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  1. You have to check out the video of your goofball on my blog!!!