Monday, February 1, 2010


So we have a house full of sickies this week.  Dan has had the flu (we think) on and off for about 2 weeks now.  Its been really special.  We thought we kept him far enough away from Greyson to prevent the boy from getting sick, but Friday Greyson's runny nose turned into a hacking cough and by Saturday afternoon/evening his fever peaked at 103.7.  That freaked me out a little so I called the Dr. who said to take him in if it didn't go down.  We gave him a cool bath & tylenol, and tried to get him to eat, but by 11:00 it was still above 103.  So we took him to the overnight urgent care and they got us in and out pretty quick.  By 12:45 we were on our way home with a diagnosis of an ear infection and a prescription for amoxocillin.  Greyson's first real sickness.  Poor baby.  Sunday he seemed to be feeling better and finally took a real nap Sunday afternoon.  This morning he seems better and is sleeping as I type.  However, Dan is on his way back from work again because his fever is back and he feels terrible.  In all of this I came down with a sore throat and body aches yesterday, but I seem to be doing better today.  I suppose God knows that the sicky boys need someone to take care of them... *sigh*

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