Thursday, February 4, 2010

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This post is kind of a mish mash of what we've been up to the last few days/weeks.  Besides being sick, we've been pretty "business as usual" with nothing exciting to report.  Here are a few photos of the latest...

Dave Ramsey told us that we need to get rid of debt and if we can't afford to pay for a nice car we shouldn't be paying for a nice car.  Well, if we squeezed every drop out of our paychecks, we could have kept paying for the wonderful Accord that I loved so much, but we decided it was more important for me to be home with Greyson and for us to get rid of our debt.  SO, we sold the Honda.  sigh...That was such a great car.  We bought it with our future family in mind.  We brought Greyson home from the hospital in it.  We took so many great trips in that car.  But, now we are not paying for it anymore!  And, we were totally blessed with a great little civic that Dan can drive back and forth to work and it only has 57k miles on it!  Yay!  So, here are some photos of the cute little guy...

Next up are some photos of the boy trying to eat bananas and blueberries with his hands.  He's not too great at finger foods just yet, and bananas were kind of an unintentional mean trick on my part.  Every time he grabbed them they would just smash in his fingers and fall all over his shirt.  Made for some pretty great pictures though :)

oh mom why are you so mean?!

These are some funny shots I snapped of Greyson and Dan sleeping while they were sick.  Like father, like son...

Greyson helping me with the laundry the other only if he could help fold and put away!!

And these are from today when we went to the park to enjoy the sunshine :)

Also today, Greyson had his 6-month well baby check.  No shots because his ears are still red and infected, but the Dr. said he looks awesome and is doing great on all his milestones!  We are so proud of him!  He weighed in at a whopping 19 lbs 5 oz (85th %tile) and measured 25.5" (83rd %tile).  We are slowly moving down in the charts, but still a really big boy!

Thanks for checking in!

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