Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nana + More Sickness

Sorry its been so long since I've posted, but its been crazy around here!  Dan's mom was here for a week, and it was great to have her visiting.  She was such a help watching Greyson and I think she had fun spending quality time with him in the super warm weather!  Here are a couple of shots of her feeding him one morning at breakfast.

And then for the "sickness" part of this post.  I don't think Greyson ever really got over the ear infection he had a couple of weeks ago, and it turned into a cough that rattles his chest pretty bad.  So, at the Dr this week, instead of getting his shots he got a diagnosis of "bronchiolitis" and a prescription for a breathing treatment.  So, we have to do the breathing treatment every 4 hours while he is awake, and hopefully that will clear up his lungs.  Here are some of him getting his treatment.

And this is him from tonight...he was really tired :)


  1. Poor little guy! Praying for a quick recovery for sweet Grayson!

  2. Breaks. my. heart. Get better, buddy.