Saturday, October 29, 2011

Welp, It's Done! (ish)

We moved!  Yep, that's right, we did it.  It could be the hormones raging through my VERY pregnant body, but I definitely feel a giant mix of emotions.  Definitely sadness mixed with frustration and nostalgia about leaving our house.  It definitely wasn't ideal.  We walked through with the realtor today and seeing Greyson's room all empty was really hard.  But, I also feel relief.  That mortgage was such a point of stress in our marriage, finances, and just every day life.  It was always in the back of our heads.  I'm glad to finally be free of it.  (Although, there was a slight pit in my stomach today when we saw the listing price written on the contract, of about $130k LESS that what we got it for.  Ouch).  I also feel excitement and anticipation.  With this new house comes a blank slate.  A new beginning.  Fun new projects (even though its a rental) and the opportunity to freely dream about what the future may hold.  Who knows?  We aren't tied down to that other mortgage anymore, so really, the sky's the limit.

I also feel an immense gratitude.  So grateful that this worked so quickly.  That we were blessed with a new rental that fit our physical and budgetary needs the same weekend we decided to do this.  Grateful that everything is IN our new house and I haven't gone into labor yet.  And SO incredibly grateful for the help Dan's mom gave us last week.  She was here for 8 days packing, lifting, unpacking, more lifting, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...  She was awesome and there is absolutely NO way I could have taken care of all (or any) of that myself.  And, it just so happened that Dan worked like 300 hours (well almost) last week, so her being here was truly priceless.  THANK YOU MARI!!!

On another note, I had my 37 week (!!!) appointment yesterday and everything looks awesome.  This was about the time I started feeling really bad with Greyson (swelling beyond recognition, seeing spots, having constant contractions, etc) but I am still feeling awesome.  Blood pressure looks great, and no swelling!  Woo hoo!  Also, she was feeling around on my belly and I asked her if she could tell if he felt big.  She said that he felt really good and if we make it to delivery date she would expect him to be in the 7lb range!  Now, I realize that they can't tell much just by feel, but it was so encouraging to hear that!  (In case you don't know, Greyson was 9lbs 4oz).  Yesterday marked exactly 2 weeks until said delivery date, so we will definitely have our sweet Sawyer on (or before) the 11th.  And aside from the boxes piled all over our house, last minute laundry to be done, and a few projects I'm hoping to complete, I am ready!  Photos to come soon, I still have to locate all my memory cards...  :)

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