Monday, October 17, 2011

Really? 2 Months?? What is wrong with me?!

Lots of people stop posting on their blogs or "take a break" when life gets slow.  Like, nothing's going on so there's not much to post about.  On the contrary, I seem to "take a break" when life gets nuts!!  My oh my, we've been busy.  I (again) don't have a ton of time this morning to post, but I just wanted to give a quick list of the major highlights.  I will (TRY) to post pictures soon.  I've been formulating many posts in my head, why can't you all be mind readers?!  Ok, the quick list:

-At the beginning of September, we took yet ANOTHER trip to the ER.  Greyson fell into a toy box at a friend's house and needed three stitches in his forehead!

-Right after that, Greyson and I spent 8 days in California visiting my family.  He had a blast playing at Aunt Mimi's house, visiting the zoo, petting baby sheep and goats at the barns, playing with Gra-mama and Papa, and just being loved on.  I had a great time too, it was so nice to be back home!  I also had a couple photo shoots that week, so that was fun too.

-After getting back, Dan and I had several long conversations about our current financial situation.  Based on a number of factors, we decided to put our house up for short sale and move into a rental.  All-in-all it will save us about $700 a month, and return to us a priceless amount of peace of mind.  Its sad, but the right thing to do for our family.  We will definitely miss our home of 4 1/2 years, but I'm excited to get settled in a new place.  We actually move this week!

-I started a new "branch" of my photography business, which has kept me pretty busy!  I opened an etsy shop, and I'm selling digital copies of customized invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards, etc.  The url to my shop is  And, actually, I've been averaging one new order per day, so that has monopolized my computer time!

-I will be 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  WOW.  I feel gigantic, exhausted, in pain, and just plain ready to meet this sweet little boy!  Each day, I can feel him wiggling around inside of me and I am just so ready to hold him in my arms!  It was so strange last week, because I was packing everything in their bedroom.  I had been ambitious and hung things on the wall, gotten the crib ready, put his name up, etc.  Then I took it all down.  That was kind of sad.  But, I am ready to put it all back up again and get this show on the road!  We have my c-section scheduled for 39 1/2 weeks and we are hoping he follows in his brother's footsteps and decides to cook at least until then.  I thing Greyson was 6 days LATE, so hopefully we won't be facing any early labor this time around either.

-Dan's Dad just spent 3 days with us after a conference he had in Phoenix.  It was a great visit, and he got some quality time with Greyson, which was awesome.  The boy had so much fun with Papa.  Dan's mom is coming tomorrow for a week to help with the move.  I am so thankful to have her help because I have pretty much reached my limit of what I can do.  Moving is a lot of work!

Hopefully that brings us up-to-date (sort of).  I will try and get some pictures up soon, but with our house upside-down right now, its hard to get anything done!

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