Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm A Big Boy Now

Well Greyson's had a big couple of weeks.  Its amazing how fast things change.  His development has skyrocketed recently, and we can hardly keep up!  Here is a look at what he's been up to:

This is what I walked in on one day after a nap...time to lower the mattress!!

Much better!

This is breakfast with daddy last week...

And this is him playing in the new pool floatie toy he got.  :)

In other, more major news, Greyson started crawling tonight!  Dan is working on the video and when its done, I will post it.  But, it was hilarious.  We opened up the laptop to video chat with Amy, and he just started crawling toward it!  It was like he'd known how to all along, but was just waiting for the computer to come out to give him enough reason to put forth the effort!  The little stinker :)


  1. It was so much fun to watch him shift positions from sitting to crawling so easily! This visit will definitely have a different flavor!