Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm too tired or too lazy or both to come up with a better name for this post.  So here are some shots of the last few days around here.

Mari (Dan's mom) bought me some Tupperware.  I am so excited because it isn't nasty disposable gladeware or whatever we have, its legitimate, real, Tupperware.  :)  Dan and I had fun opening the box because we had all this stuff when we were kids, except now the colors are much cooler.  Check it out...

Greyson liked it too :)

And the newest development in our house is that Greyson is sitting up all by himself!  He just started this on Sunday and surprised us by hanging out on the floor with Java without support for a long time.  He is doing great and loves his new-found skill!

So proud!

"Look how cute I am!"

"What, Mom?  I wasn't doing ANYTHING!"

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  1. who the heck is that supercute light-haired kid? hmmm.... you do not look like your dad anymore greyson... but until you get some curls in those locks i won't think you look like your mama either... love the pics of your tupperware too. gotta admit i'm a little jealous!