Saturday, November 21, 2009

Greyson=Calcium Sucker

So apparently growing a child with big, strong bones and then making tons of milk for him to eat like its going out of style creates a minor loss of calcium and other important minerals for maintaining strong teeth. Because today, for the very first time in my entire life, I had to have a cavity filled.  Boo.  Apparently upon reaching this new realm called parenthood, I am now allowed to blame everything bad that happens to my body on my child.  Saggy waistline, hair falling out, and now a cavity.    

Our dentist is really great.  Last time, when I was in there for a check-up (when he told me I had the cavity) Greyson came along.  This was back when Greyson was still crying pretty much all the time.  He cried during my appointment.  So much so that we postponed the cleaning to today as well.  And then Dr.  Liao took Greyson and walked him around outside to try to get him to stop crying.  Did he stop?  No.  He just spit up all over Dr. Liao, another thing Greyson is stellar at.  :)  Anyway, all that to say that we have an awesome dentist and the filling went off pretty well today.  Not nearly as bad as I was thinking.  Hey, I went through 3 epidurals, I can handle a cavity filling.  :)  (At least that's what I kept telling myself as he jabbed the needle in my gums.)  Lets hope that another few months of milk-making won't spawn another of these evil little holes in my mouth.

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