Saturday, November 26, 2011


We have soooo incredibly much to be thankful for this year!  What a blessed year we've had, and especially a blessed November!  Here's a quick update on my "thankful list" just for the month of November.
-Sweet Sawyer complied with our wishes and waited to be born until 12:00am on November 1st!  What a great start to the month!
-Greyson is LOVING being a big brother, and is growing so much.
-My parents were able to come down right after Sawyer's birth and my mom has been here for over 2 weeks helping SOOO much with all the little things that pile up when you have a newborn (+ a toddler).
-Greyson is speaking in full sentences, is using more big boy words, can identify all the letters of the alphabet and most of their sounds, loves learning, has recently discovered how to jump, and is just an all-around amazing little dude!
-Out of the blue, Dan was offered a position as the Video Arts Director at Sun Valley Community Church, our church home for the last 6 years.  This is a position we have been wanting and praying for for literally YEARS, and we are beyond thrilled that this is now happening!!  Dan starts at SVCC on December 5th.  What an incredible blessing!!!!
-My dad, sister, and brother-in-law were able to come down for Thanksgiving weekend to hang with us and the boys for a few days.  How cool that they were able to take some time to meet Sawyer and just be together as a family.
-I am so excited for December, to watch our family fall into a bit of a routine, for Dan to start his new job, for Greyson to experience the excitement of Christmas, and just for sweet time as a family.

What a great month this has been!

And, just to satisfy any "baby cravings" you may be having, here are some of the shots from Sawyer's little "newborn session."

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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